Products & Color Charts

Headliners 1920's to Present, All Makes & Models

Pre-Sewn Headliners from the 1920's to 1970's. All Pre-Sewn Headliners are ready to install. 

Foam-Backed Cloth Headliners from the 1980's to present.

1970's Foam-Backed Perforated and Non-Perforated Vinyl Headliners

Conversion Headliner Kits are available. 

Carpets 1930's to Present, All Makes & Models

All Carpets are pre-made and ready to install. 

Vinyl Tops 1960's to Present, All Makes and Models

Vinyl Tops are pre-made ready to install.


Cloth and Vinyl Windlace is available in multiple colors. 


Headliner Bows are available in 48'' and 60'' length. 

Convertible Tops and Convertible Headliners are available in all makes, models, and years.